My goal is to offer a genuine and authentic approach to the evolution of our consciousness. I work with tools that do not require you to have any knowledge of the chakras, in all their varying complexity...How you identify and what your diet consists of, holds absolutely no value in these teachings. I will not ask how many ceremonies you have been in, how many books you have read, nor how many ashrams you have visited. All that I ask is that you bring a dauntless desire for Truth, and Humility to match.

These programs bring impactful benefits, both inwardly and externally. Some noticeable changes include but are not limited to:

  • The reduction of mind-created stress.

  • Mental/Emotional calmness and clarity.

  • A more honest way to relate to others and the world.

  • A paradigm shift in how we see the world and our place in it.

  • A reduction of fear-based thoughts, actions, and decision making.

  • A radically honest view and consideration of what we claim to 'know' or 'understand'.

  • Breaking backward habits that inhibit our development into our most unrestricted 'selves'.



Well, in a general sense I am no one. Certainly not someone who can lay claim to anything more than the sum of my actual, genuine, and first-hand experiences. Even those are subjective at best. However, by either grace or perseverance , I have found a certain sense of perspective and peace that has turned a world of depression, loneliness, isolation, and helplessness, into something much more wondrous and genuine than I could have ever dreamed.

Some (Sum) of My Experiences:

  • BA in Philosophy from Marquette University

  • Former Peace Corps Volunteer, Natural Resource Management Agent (Niger, West Africa)

  • Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher for 8 years

  • Graduate of both the Gateway Voyage and Guide-Line programs at The Monroe Institute in Faber Virginia

  • One time Tantric Yoga practitioner/student (don't hold it against me)

  • Participation in Truth is the only principle by which I live